Graduated with an MA in Fine Arts from the Dutch Art Institute in 2017, Wayne is a visual art practitioner whose praxis is at the intersection research and theory. His works are created around sociopolitical studies of aesthetics, economy and ideology (within that includes topics such as; spectacle and optics; infrastructure, logistics, citizenship, empire and post-colonialism; military and sociopolitical complex, and war).

His works are made in consideration of providing viewers with not only visuals, but also sensorial elements. Wayne seeks to find other ways to "perform" (or resist) — in order to transgress or merge the defined notions of conventional aesthetic, curatorial and/or research practice — through self-publishing, self-organization, and developing (long-term) collective projects.

Wayne currently works and lives in Singapore.


Opening Party Show! @ Coda Culture, Singapore

19 Jan-02 Feb 2020 (reception on 18 Jan 2020, 7pm)

67 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199942

RSVP here.

AlterNarrative @ Chinretsukan Gallery, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan

23 Mar-07 Apr 2020 (TBC)

12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8714, Japan


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