Developed as an online reading resource/meeting point with a desire to share, think, and advocate various forms of studies (and checking in on life in general), #aweekendmonthly contextualizes readings on the first weekend of every month since September 2018. On certain editions, we exchange what we each know, and work with friends/peers, and in most cases, the shared readings are in one way or another meant to encapsulate thoughts and concepts related to the practices and cooperations of A Weekend Affair. As reading can be an expensive leisure for some, it is essential to think of the act of reading not only as a therapeutic/self-redeeming activity that nourishes or repairs, but also a moment in time where it never gets consumed.

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Sep 2018:

#aweekendmonthly 01

“Introduction” & “The Dark Side of Desire” in Futurability by Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi


“Hotel-ness” by Lee Weng Choy

Nov 2018:

#aweekendmonthly 03 with Bras Basah Open

A 100 Smart Cities, a 100 Utopias” by Ayona Datta,

Geographies of Futures and Singapore’s Technopreneurship Aspirations” by Zane Kripe


“Watched in the Territory of the Laboratory” by Godwin Koay

Dec 2018: 

#aweekendmonthly 04

The Air-Conditioned Nation by Cherian George

Jan 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 05

“Official Nationalism and Imperialism,” “The Last Wave,” & “Patriotism and Racism” in Imagined Communities by Benedict Anderson


“Introduction: Time on the Move,” and “On Private Indirect Government” in On the Postcolonyby Achille Mbembe

Feb 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 06

Time Binds, or , Erotohistoriography,” by Elizabeth Freeman,

Queer and Now,” in Tendencies by Eve Kosofsky Sedgewick


Sexing Up Singapore” by Kenneth Paul Tan

Mar 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 07 with Kin Chui

Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to Third World Women Writers” by Gloria Anzaldúa,

Bamako” by Abderrahmane Sissako


S/T” by Sial

Apr 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 08

After the Good Life, an Impasse: Time Out, Human Resources, and the Precarious Present” in Cruel Optimism by Lauren Berlant,

The Political Ascendancy of Creditworthiness” by Michel Feher 


“Introduction: What in the World is Financialization?” in Financialization of Daily Life by Randy Martin

May 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 09

Another De-colonial Politics is Possible” by Ghassan Hage,

Part 1 

Part 2 of “There is no Alternative: The Future is self-organised” by Anthony Davies, Stephen Dillemuth & Jakob Jakobsen

Jun 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 10

Emotional Capitalism” in Psychopolitics by Han Byung-Chul,

A Conspiracy without a Plot” by Stefano Harney & Valetina Desideri


Critical Intimacy: An Interview with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak” by Steve Paulson 

Jul 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 11

It is ‘Our’ Modernity: Delinking, Independent Thought and Decolonial Freedom” in The Darker Side of Western Modernity by Walter D. Mignolo

Aug 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 12

Decolonization as Care” by Uzma Z. Rizvi 


Taking and Giving: Friendship as a Way of Thinking and Doing” by Grace Samboh

Sep 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 13 with Mysara Aljaru

Bodies in Alliance and the Politics of the Street” in Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly by Judith Butler

Nov 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 15 with Nelly Tan

Chapter 21” in The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,

"Remember" by Joy Harjo, 

"How the Durian Got Its Smell" by Malaysian Folktales,

Vol. 3, Ch 46, Vol. 5, Ch 83 of xxxHOLiC,

"Why can't we be friends" by Howard Scott


"Rebuilding" by Colubrina

Dec 2019:

#aweekendmonthly 16 with Viknesh Kobinathan

Accomplices not Allies” by Indigenous Action Media

Jan 2020:

#aweekendmonthly 17

Surveillance in the Post-Capitalist Society by Armen Avenessian


Capital is Dead by McKenzie Wark

Feb 2020:

#aweekendmonthly 18

“Introduction” & “Stifling Air, Burnout, Political Performance” in Joyful Militancy by Carla Bergman

Mar 2020:

#aweekendmonthly 19 by Clara Lee

The Open Boat” from Poetics of Relation by Édouard Glissant


Fractal Thinking” by Danise Ferreira da Silva

Apr 2020:

#aweekendmonthly 20

"The Unthinkable Community" by Paul Chan


"'Chinese Virus,' World Market" by Andrew Liu

May 2020: #aweekendmonthly 21

"One Hundred Years of Crisis" by Yuk Hui


"The Red Virus" by Jonas Staal

Jun 2020 (coming soon)

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